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The Party Train's Journal

Below are the 14 most recent journal entries.


  2003.04.23  22.04

So I was thinking...

With yet another graduation quickly approaching, would anyone be interested in hiring someone for a group photo in front of Lords while everyone is here?

Just a thought.

Mood: accomplished

  2003.03.04  13.46
2 Things...

1. The worst video of the year award goes to Dj Sammy for "The Boys of Summer." Yech.

2. We should go see this in Vegas. Its cheap. (And its where Tina Turner and that Michael Jackson are, contempcntrygir!)

Mood: blah

  2003.02.27  00.10
Can I get a "FUCK YEAH MAN"?

Ok, so after today's recent events, I have learned something that I think holds true in all of our lives. Our lives can be taken away at any second. At any moment, we could be taken from the Earth and never have another day. No one knows when death will be upon us, and no one can guarantee you just one more day. Some may think that they are invincible, but it's becoming more and more apparent that that's just not the case (unless you drank from that spring in Tuck Everlasting). For all I know, today could be my last. And because of that, I think we should all think about something...

Today could be your last THURSDAY ever.

Yes, it's true. And, because of this, I think that we should take this THURSDAY with a new outlook. We should do this THURSDAY for all those out there that wanted just one last THURSDAY...for all those that wanted just one last dance...for all those that wanted just one last drink...for all those that wanted just one last cigarette... yes, we should do it for them. Take one for the team, kids. Let's do this THURSDAY right, with the honor and dignity that it deserves. Fuck, I mean, it is THURSDAY after all...

Mood: complacent

  2003.02.19  16.55

Thursday is quickly approaching and I can say that I am looking foward to being Touched! I think we need a good ol' Party Train preparty at headquarters. Bring yourself and even your mom!

Mood: okay

  2003.02.18  02.00

Guess what...it's almost THURSDAY!!! And that means it's almost time for my first TOUCH PARTY!! Oh I'm so excited...

Mood: giddy

  2003.02.10  17.12

I think along with Vegas Vacation, Showgirls, and other films, we need to watch Britney Spears: Live from Las Vegas.

Just a thought for those attending the Vegas trip. Spring Break 2003!

Mood: bored

  2003.02.06  00.11

Get ready kids...IT'S THURSDAY!!! It's going to be a fun night!! YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

Mood: giddy

  2003.01.30  15.49
Bring on the rain...

WAHOO FOR THURSDAY!!! And, noting the weather, I don't think there is any chance that LORD LINDSEY'S could possibly be closed tonight! And it's not even that cold out! YIPEE!!! See you there...

Mood: bouncy

  2003.01.28  22.01
Almost there...


Mood: bitchy

  2003.01.28  19.26
Hell Yeah I'm The Hot Guy.

Who in Amelie are you???

brought to you by Quizilla

Mood: accomplished

  2003.01.28  18.51
Ooo! Ooo!

Tonite. 10pm. OnE! "Wild On Vegas: The Hot List.

Someone tape it.

Mood: devious

  2003.01.28  16.47

All I have to say is ....


Party Train 2003!

Mood: amused

  2003.01.28  11.16
Jump On, Bitch.

Ok so not everyone is in there but someone who is please try to post in it and see if it will let you. She's kinda picky.

Mood: artistic

  2003.01.28  11.04
Please Hold.

Ok so at least there's a post up now.

Still working on that whole "let people in" thing. If I forget anyone when adding names, let me know.

Mood: awake